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How to shine in the bathroom

30. 3. 2016 Blog Tereza

The bathroom is the room where we start and finish the active part of our day. We relax there, do all the necessary daily rituals and work on our look.

For makeup, shaving, dental care, etc., we primarily need light in which we see ourselves well. For this purpose, it is best to place a pair of luminaires on both sides of the mirror, emitting scattered light towards us at eye level.

A common mistake is to place a luminaire above the upper edge of the mirror, because this will only achieve the horror effect of dark circles under the eyes and contrasting shadows under the brow ridges and under the chin. On the forehead (and, in some cases, even further on the head), bright reflections will be formed and, generally, you will look older by up to 10 years. At the same time, you will cast a shadow on your face when using tools and hands although, paradoxically, it is the face that you need to see most.

You don’t believe us? Think of Hollywood actresses sitting in front of a mirror lined with light bulbs.

Tereza Sehnalová / Lighting Architect