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Localization of the light source

9. 1. 2016 Blog Tereza

kategorie - Osvětlení domácností

Have you ever thought about where a luminaire should hang? And if (its) size matters? Before we come to the lighting design recommendations in different rooms, let’s go through several tried and tested rules to achieve a result you will be happy with.

The most common mistake is to light the room as one whole. “If you hang a single luminaire in the middle of the room, you will have to watch your own shadow all day,” as it is aptly put by Lindsey Adelman, a New York designer. This also applies to other objects in the space. If they are only illuminated with a single source of light, they cast long dark shadows that create unpleasant contrasts.

When lighting a room, it is preferable to use more places, and thus a greater number of luminaires, in order to create various layers of light that will be interconnected. In the space, they will together form a diffuse (scattered) light, which is more eye-friendly and closer to natural light.

It is also important to consider a suitable height for a luminaire. It should always be placed at a height that is helpful for the activity you are going to perform, but not so high as to dazzle you when looking at the light source of the luminaire.

If you are not sure about the suitable size of a luminaire, use the following rule: the sum of the width and height of the room in metres multiplied by 8.5 should approximately correspond to the appropriate diameter of the luminaire in centimetres. If the chosen luminaire is the wrong size, the entire space may feel disproportionate. You can never make a mistake if you consult a specialist – to make sure that you have the right light from a correctly placed luminaire in your home.

Tereza Sehnalová / Lighting Designer