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svetlo domu

About the light around us

26. 11. 2015 Blog Tereza

kategorie - Osvětlení domácností

Light is the source of life and living. The sun, the stars and fire have accompanied us for thousands of years. Over time, we have learned to control light, we understand its processes and origin, and we are even able to produce it. It has become a ubiquitous part of our lives that we only notice when we feel a shortage or surplus of it.

Natural light sources are now supplemented by artificial sources. The amount of sources is growing exponentially, and if our sole interest is not this area of ​​technical development, which is hurtling forward at nearly warp speed, we can easily get lost in the maze of lighting characteristics and technical data.

Lighting can either completely destroy a meticulous architectural design or, on the contrary, it can support and pinpoint the characteristic elements of the space. If it is implemented correctly, it will allow you to pursue a variety of activities with a sense of comfort and well-being. It can encourage you to greater activity or, on the contrary, to relaxation and idling.

Lighting should be considered in the early phase of interior design, because not all of us love the technical look of visible cabling winding around structures. Due to the efforts to achieve a certain universality, lighting outlets are placed at convenient places in flats. If this is not the case in your home, don’t worry – it is always possible to find a suitable way to solve the problem.

In this series, you will learn what you should be careful about when choosing lighting and what you should expect from a good luminaire. We will show you how to design lighting scenes in different rooms and how significant a role is played by what seem like mere details when choosing light sources.

Tereza Sehnalová / Lighting Architect