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How to shine in the bathroom

30. 3. 2016 Tereza

You can look the best way in your mirror.


Kitchen – let shine the heart of your home.

2. 3. 2016 Tereza

Lets have a look how to shine for our cook.


„Retail lighting“

24. 2. 2016 Honza

Tento článek je určen především pro majitele a manažery prodejen, restaurací, galerií, apod.


Light and relaxation

27. 1. 2016 Honza

How to relax using light?


Localization of the light source

9. 1. 2016 Tereza

About the light around us

26. 11. 2015 Tereza

Light is the source of life and living. The sun, the stars and fire have accompanied us for thousands of years. Over time, we have learned to control light, we understand its processes and origin, and we are even able to produce it. It has become a ubiquitous part of our lives that we only notice when we feel a shortage or surplus of it.