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Home lighting

The quality of the light in our environment significantly affects the quality of our life.

Each part of your home requires a different type of shine. Properly selected lamps will help you improve the quality of your sleep, relaxation and well-being. Other lamps will help your eyesight when cooking, reading and working. Unfortunately, most people don´t realize the bad influence of improper lighting immediately and only see changes when it is replaced – their eyes cease to hurt, they see more realistic colours, have more energy and feel great at home. Proper lighting is just as important as proper food. The current market offers thousands of types of lamps, and the layman is not really able to distinguish good lamps from those that are bad. Based on our wide range of product and your needs, we will only design a solution that is functionally correct and whose design respects your style and space.

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What is our usual process?


Contact us using the enquiry form, email or, preferably, by phone.

osvetleni domacnosti

We will meet you, preferably in the space that we will be working with, measure the existing lighting (or just check the power supply if it is a new building), take photos, and ask about your needs and wishes.


We will design the best solution for you, based on all the information gathered, your suggestions and wishes. We deal with the functionality of lamps to ensure that the right light brings benefit to your home. So, using dozens of proven catalogues, our team will choose the best design for you according to your specifications.

navrh osvetleni

You will receive a design which includes a clear drawing with marked lamps, electrical wiring plan, switches and circuit breakers. We will also provide you with detailed descriptions of all lamps and, if necessary, a photo visualisation of the dominant lamps in your space. The price calculations show prices which are lower than those on the retail market. The offer also contains interesting design elements matching the proposed lamps to give a clear idea of how the space will look.

montaz svitidel

We offer installation by our expert electricians – lighting specialists. They use high-quality tools to ensure that your home is affected as little as possible. Naturally, the workers will clean up the space after they have completed the installation.