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Reatail lighting

We will help you increase the sales of your goods using light.

Customers shop using their eyes. Proper lighting is the biggest possible material support for sales at the point of shopping. The success of any brick and mortar retail shop depends on a well-chosen location, professional sales staff and the right sales environment. Such an environment or shop interior should reflect your companyś style, appeal to your customer group and present the specific goods to them. We are specialists in product presentation using light. We have helped many shops increase sales, and we will be happy to help you as well.

Contact us, we are looking forward to You. Phone: (+420) 601222440 E-mail:

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What is our usual process?


Contact us using the enquiry form, email or, preferably by phone. We will immediately calculate the price of the design based on the size of the space we are dealing with.


We make designs with an emphasis on combining the design and functionality of lamps. We know how and why different kinds of goods should be illuminated, from bread to precious diamonds. And we will pass this “alchemy” on to you.

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You will receive a design which includes a clear drawing with marked lamps, electrical wiring plan, switches and circuit breakers. We will also provide you with detailed descriptions of all lamps and a calculation of power consumption (possibly including a comparison with the older solution). The price calculations show prices which are lower than those on the retail market.

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Implementation is an important part of the process. “Paper endures all”, as the saying goes. However, it is important to be able to properly evaluate and resolve the situation on the spot. And this is one of our strengths.