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Retail lighting

We will help you increase the sales of your goods using light.

Each product requires a certain type od shine. It is proper lighting that sells the product. We know how to do it and we have great results.

  • We will analyse your sales space, product, customers, corporate identity and culture.
  • Tailored design.
  • Comprehensive implementation.

Home lighting

The quality of the light in our environment significantly affects the quality of our life. 

It is important that household lamps have proper light sources, beam angles, colour rendering index and other characteristics that positively affect our health and well-being.

  • We will advise you what lamps are suitable for your space and why.
  • Being responsible for the final result, we will only offer you a solution that is right for you.
  • You can also use professional installation service.

Tailored artistic lamps

Do you want to own an original work of art? Our designers will design a luminaire at your request, based on an inspirational model or according to your personality and style.

It will then be produced by craftsmen exclusively from the Czech Republic. Treat yourself to this premium service that can also be used as a gift.

  • Zdravé změny teplot chromatičnosti.
  • Všechny světelné zdroje ve vašem domě.
  • Standardní vypínače, inteligentní automatizace.

About us



  • Who we are and what we do
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We create and subsequently implement lighting designs. Using light and design, we bring benefits and pleasure to people. We specialize in home and retail lighting. We design home lighting to achieve maximum health benefits. In the retail sector, we use light to improve the presentation of products. We also offer a “tailored artistic luminaire design” as luxury service – the design is then produced by selected Czech craftsmen.

Our core beliefs are:

  1. The right solution– We meticulously design only the right lighting solutions that prevent glare and that have the maximum beneficial utility value for the customer.
  2. Excellent advice – Our customers don’t have to deal with complex technical data concerning lighting, because we will do it for them. The result is clear and beautiful designs. We place great emphasis on customer satisfaction and a friendly approach. Although these are common clichés used by many companies, our services really are based on these values.
  3. Design– We understand lighting design and we like it. Your pleasure is our way.

O nás

Jan Petráň / Executive

lighting design, marketing

Jan Petráň
Jan Petráň
Tereza Sehnalová / Lighting architect

lighting design

Tomáš Přibyl
Tomáš Přibyl
Michal Pelnář / Specialist lighting technician

technical preparation and implementation

Klára Mikešová / Designer

design of artistic luminaires

Jiří Janíček
Jiří Janíček