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Sell more by using light. Every product requires a certain type of lighting. We know how to achieve this and get great results. Professional shop lighting from design through to installation. Correct lighting sells.


Our architect will select the best option for you from over 80 brands. It is important that home luminaires have the correct light sources, emission angles and colour temperatures that benefit well-being.


We can look after all your hotel’s lighting needs, from the initial architect’s design to professional installation and service. We can also make unique, custom-made luminaires designed specifically for your hotel.

Architect and
Designer Support

If you want to purchase luminaires for your project at good prices or prepare a complete lighting design according to your requirements, including calculations and drawings, we are here for you.

Pairam Lighting

We can design and install lighting that automatically simulates daylight for your entire home for better sleep and more energy during the day.

Lighting Needs

Do you need lighting for a restaurant, club, gallery or office? We can create an architectural lighting design for you and advise you how to enhance a space with a lighting design.

We create lighting designs for residences and commercial premises. Our household designs make sure that enough suitable light is available to benefit your well-being. For retail, we work with light to present products in the best possible way.

Our philosophy is:

1. The right solution – We carefully select what is best for you (and your interior) from our broad portfolio.

2. Detail – We design a suitable luminaire for each specific location and select the right lighting characteristics and devices to control them. We also design assembly and installation, down to the very last bolt.

3. Design – We select luminaire designs whose sophistication and match to your interior will bring a smile to your face.

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