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PAIRAM means “good light” in Maori language. The Maori or New Zealand islands are the first to welcome every new day on Earth. The sun shines on them through the clearest sky, and the power of this healthy light is reflected in the beauty of all of nature. In 2006, I acquired first-rate work experience in New Zealand. From 2007, I started making a living as a self-employed interior design and lighting specialist for retail stores across the Czech Republic. As time went by and lighting technology evolved, my friend and colleague Michal Pelnář and I invented ever more sophisticated lighting concepts. I also had the opportunity to travel around the world and the observe trends and lighting methods in different countries. In 2014, I started comprehensively educating myself in household lighting design and technology and found it immensely absorbing. I have found that most consumers select luminaires mainly by their appearance regardless of their technical characteristics and without knowing how the quality of light affects the human body.
In spring 2015, I established PAIRAM to produce the right lighting solutions. At the beginning of 2017, Tomáš Přibyl replaced his colleague Tereza Sehnalová as our architectural lighting designer . He has brought additional practical insights into the harmony of residential interiors. In 2018, we created and installed the first house lighting system that automatically changes colour temperature according to the time of day. Let me invite you into an environment with the right lighting solutions. Our goal is to bring you Light, Benefit and Joy.

Jan Petráň



PAIRAM’s founder, who combines design with the technical features of luminaires to improve lighting quality in residential and commercial areas.


An open, free-thinking and sincere architect with a sense for interior integrity and great technical knowledge about lighting.


The hard-working and pleasant project manager is responsible for carrying out the entire lighting implementation process, recommending useful luminaires and explaining their functionality


An exceptional technician who enjoys inventing, assembling and installing luminaires. It’s not just a living for him, but a lifelong passion.


The empathetic architect will be happy to suggest lighting for the house and prepare all the documentation, including drawings.

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