Healthy artificial lighting

New technologies can now let us simulate daylight inside homes and achieve healthy artificial lighting.

Colour temperature  refers to the hue of light and is one of its many qualities that can be measured and expressed numerically. The lower the value, (e.g. 2700 Kelvin), white appears yellowish and our environment is coloured more with warmer tones. The higher the value (e.g. 6000 Kelvin), light in the environment appears colder, white becomes brighter, and at even higher temperatures appears blueish.

In nature, light in the morning, evening and middle of the day have different colour temperatures. Humans and most fauna and flora need these changes for proper functioning of their bodies.

Numerous scientific experiments have confirmed that low colour temperatures stimulate production of the hormone melatonin and high temperatures stimulate the production of serotonin. This means that yellow-coloured light helps us relax, while bright white light stimulates the energy in us. Of course, the human body needs both types for its circadian rhythm to function properly.  Lack of one or the other can cause insomnia, low energy, poor immunity, etc.

Healthy living means engaging in outdoor activities, but it is not always possible. In this case, we then rely on artificial lighting. Until recently, we only used incandescent bulbs with a colour temperature of 2700 K for our lighting at home. In offices, factories and schools, we mainly lit with fluorescent lamps with a colour temperature of 4000 K. With LED light technology today, we can now choose specific colour temperatures for individual rooms. However, this is still not enough. Developments in home lighting across the world are trending towards VARIABLE COLOUR TEMPERATURE that changes in harmony with our biological needs.

PAIRAM designs and installs complete lighting systems for entire homes that can change colour temperature both automatically and manually.  

Our broad portfolio of luminaires lets us achieve and satisfy the needs of any customer, interior or design. Ultimately, you simply switch on your lights and do not have to worry about anything else—intelligent lighting gives you the colour temperature you need according to time of day! Correct artificial lighting makes sure that we have enough energy during the day, and we get good, quality sleep at night. All this in a natural way. Proper lighting is an investment in our health.

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