How to sell more goods and earn more?

You can either hire an attractive shop assistant whose smile will bring unattached young men coming back to your store, or a smiling young man who will sell more “oranges or handbags” to the ladies.

You could try making your store smell pleasant or finding the rhythm of your potential customers with subtle music.

Many tips and tricks and much advice are out there. Some are better known, some less well known. At PAIRAM, we have a wage-free helper that works the same way every day and can provides the largest possible material support at the point-of-sale.

Correctly selected and placed luminaires can perform miracles. It can make baked goods appear golden, laundries look cleaner and give jewels more sparkle. As customers, all of us shop with our eyes. With an overabundance of goods on offer and so little time to spare, we run through the shelves, and what catches our interest? Without being aware of it, we are attracted by properly displayed and properly lit goods. What does “properly lit” mean?

Invite an architectural lighting architect to your store (or for a new project). He or she will evaluate the interior of the store, its colours, ambient light, display space, the appearance of your goods and even the type of customers who visit your store. The architect will accordingly select the most suitable luminaire design, but mainly determine the correct light intensity and colour temperature to make your goods visually attractive. An architectural lighting designer can create a lighting layout that does not dazzle your customers’ eyes and will highlight, as much as possible, the products you need to stand out. They can also suggest luminaire control options for your smart phone, as well as monitoring options for energy consumption and other modern, technical parameters.

Professional store lighting design is a service that will return your investment many times over. Ask store owners how they are managing and then look at the lighting in their store. Ask us, and we will show you specific, successful examples. Create a pleasant atmosphere for your customers, show them your products in a brighter, clearer and more enjoyable environment and they will buy more from you. It is that simple. We are a store lighting specialist. Call us, and we will be happy to help you!

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