Residence, Harrachov

zakazkove osvetleni

Realized: 2017 Place of realization: Harrachov Client: private Artistic blacksmith Vítězslav Stoklasa created a suspended metal sculpture and we designed a lighting that we also physically fitted. The resulting work of art has two lighting circuits. The main lighting shines up, its intensity can illuminate a large room and can be dimmed. The second circuit […]

Pilsner Urquell

nasviceni tanku

Previous Next Realized: 2019 Place of realization: Radegastovna U Lva, Vsetín Client: Pilsner Urquell Client Web Lighting of beer tanks in a glass cooling box. With special current LED chips we achieved intensive, even and clear illumination. Před realizací Po realizaci

Study room

osvetleni studovny

Realized: 2016 Place of realization: Prague Client: Univerzitní centrum Na Baště Client Web Illumination of the University Center study room in a beautiful pre-war villa, in the historic castle district. Linear lighting with opal diffuser, 4000 K, CRI> 85, complete with table lamps with the same color temperature. Před realizací Po realizaci