Sweet Shop Sladka Cesta

sladka cesta

Previous Next Realized: 2022 Place of realization: Konevova, Praha Client: Sladka Cesta Together with the wonderful owners, our architect Tomas Pribyl created the design of the whole interior, including the building modifications of the background. Illuminated seating invites customers to goodies and a relaxed atmosphere. Před realizací Po realizaci

Residence, Harrachov

zakazkove osvetleni

Realized: 2017 Place of realization: Harrachov Client: private Artistic blacksmith Vítězslav Stoklasa created a suspended metal sculpture and we designed a lighting that we also physically fitted. The resulting work of art has two lighting circuits. The main lighting shines up, its intensity can illuminate a large room and can be dimmed. The second circuit […]

Pilsner Urquell

nasviceni tanku

Previous Next Realized: 2019 Place of realization: Radegastovna U Lva, Vsetín Client: Pilsner Urquell Client Web Lighting of beer tanks in a glass cooling box. With special current LED chips we achieved intensive, even and clear illumination. Před realizací Po realizaci

Study room

osvetleni studovny

Realized: 2016 Place of realization: Prague Client: Univerzitní centrum Na Baště Client Web Illumination of the University Center study room in a beautiful pre-war villa, in the historic castle district. Linear lighting with opal diffuser, 4000 K, CRI> 85, complete with table lamps with the same color temperature. Před realizací Po realizaci